Multnomah County Library Priorities 2019-2021

Multnomah County Library’s mission: Empowering our community to learn and create

Multnomah County Library uses three-year priorities to shape what we do and explain how we do it. In a world that changes quickly, we build those priorities on four pillars that will not change. Our pillars are:

  • Free access for all
  • A trusted guide for learning
  • The leading advocate for reading
  • A champion for equity and inclusion

Our priorities

Making connections for a stronger community

We help people learn, create, have fun and understand their world.

We connect people to help solve shared problems.

We help people build trust and work toward common goals.

Removing barriers

We help people better understand each other and respect differences.

We invest in people who face the greatest barriers in life.

We use public resources in ways that make the greatest impact.

Helping meet basic needs

We work to provide safe, welcoming and clean spaces that serve many different needs.

We create services and partnerships that increase personal safety, food security, health, and access to shelter.

Honoring the past, embracing the future

We have books and materials people want.

We protect freedom of thought and expression.

We use research and community input to shape our services and spaces.

To track progress in realizing these priorities, the library has established measurable goals.

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