Multnomah County Library Priorities 2012–2015

Multnomah County Library’s priorities will guide services, programs and philosophy during a critical time of change and evolution. Throughout this transformation, we will hold as constants three pillars that define the library’s role and value in this community:

  • Free access for all
  • A trusted guide for learning
  • The leading advocate for reading

The service priorities listed below build upon these pillars and will guide us over the next several years. We will make forward-thinking decisions to usher Multnomah County Library into the future, providing this community with the best, most relevant service possible, while using limited resources wisely.

As our economy, the needs of our community, and the ways in which we access information change and transform, we will continue to listen thoughtfully and respond in kind.

We think yes

All library patrons will consistently receive outstanding customer service, in person and online. Patrons will receive their library materials as quickly and cost-effectively as possible in ways that are focused on access, self-service and ease of use. The library will use limited public resources with great care.

We champion reading for all

Library staff will provide knowledgeable advisory services about a full spectrum of resources to benefit patrons at their points of need. The format of library materials and how we provide information will evolve over time. Our community can always expect a high-quality, thoughtful mix of materials that serve a broad spectrum of needs.

We help the community flourish

Patrons will find resources, programs and support to improve their lives and contribute to the economic health and vitality of this community.

We prepare young minds for success

All children from birth to age five will have programs, services and materials designed to ensure that they will enter school ready to learn to read, write and listen. All K-12 students will have programs, services and materials to support reading and success in school.

We speak your language

The library will connect immigrants to the information and resources they need to be successful in the United States. We will engage people of all ages with free opportunities and friendly guidance to help them learn English, build job and technology skills, prepare for citizenship and attain educational goals.

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